WATCH THIS! Boletín ONG #11: ”Sugerencias de Lectura”


Carbon Market Watch les propone estas sugerencias de lectura.
¡Que aprovechen!

La situación de los derechos humanos en el mundo
Amnistía Internacional, Informe 2014/15

Guatemala, ¿Un dolor que deberia resignarse?
García Carrera, Revista de Direito da Cidade, vol.07, nº01. ISSN 2317-7721 p.251-274

Desarrollo Sustentable: ¿Todavía esperando a Godot?
Terra, 2015, n. 1, pp. 67 a 98. ISSN: 2386-9968

The Need for a Rights-Based Approach to the Clean Development Mechanism
Filzmoser et al., CISDL 2015, Public Participation and Climate Governance Working Paper Series

Local Stakeholder Participation in CDM and New Climate Mitigation Mechanisms – Case Study of a Small Scale Hydropower Project in China
Dong et al., CISDL 2014, Public Participation and Climate Governance Working Paper Series

The Eternal Surplus of the Spineless Market
Sandbag, March 2015

Emissions Trading Worldwide: ICAP Status Report 2015
ICAP, 2015

Early Lessons from Jurisdictional REDD+ and Low Emissions Development Programs
Fishbein & Lee, Nature, 01/2015

An economic assessment of GHG mitigation policy options for EU agriculture
Van Doorslaer et al., EU Joint Research Centre, 2015, Report EUR 27097 EN

Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption
International Bar Association Climate Change Justice and Human Rights Task Force Report, July 2014

Low carbon resilient development and gender equality in the least developed countries
Fisher & Mohun, IIED, March 2015, Issue Paper

Justice and Climate Finance: Differentiating Responsibility in the Green Climate Fund
Vanderheiden, The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs 11/03/2015

Towards evidence-based, quantitative Sustainable Development Goals for 2030
Brende & Høie, The Lancet, Volume 385, No. 9964, p206–208, 17/01/2015

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