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Carbon Market Watch brings you a list of suggested reading material to learn more about various topics. Enjoy the reading! Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration rates enhanced by microbial community response – Karhu, K. et al., Nature 513, 81–84 2014. New York Declaration on Forests Pledges to Halt Natural Forest Loss by 2030 – …

Campaign focus: Santa Rita’s oppression does not silence communities

Local oppression of indigenous communities in the vicinities of the Santa Rita hydroelectric dam in Guatemala has not seen remedy of the situation after the project was registered by Clean Development Mechanism in June 2014. Despite the continued struggle the indigenous Q’eqchi´ and Poqomchí communities face, the project is becoming a showcase of the power of civil society.

How the post-2015 global development framework can address climate change

The current global development framework, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), expires at the end of 2015 and will be replaced by the post-2015 global development framework, which will include a set of new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As climate change poses a critical challenge to the post-2015 agenda, its adequate inclusion across the post-2015 framework is of key importance to step on a development pathway capable of minimising both the contribution to, and impacts from climate change over development efforts.

Courting the “rights” path for a changing climate: Developments in UNHCR and UNFCCC

With the adoption of human rights language in Decision 1/CP. 16 of the UNFCCC COP held in Cancun in 2010, the initial resistance which trailed the conception of climate change as a human rights issue may have been defeated, but critical issues remain unresolved. The upcoming COP20 in Lima will provide a crucial opportunity to address these issues and advance the operationalization of the important Cancun decision.

Why CDM projects do not qualify for GCF finance

With a large baggage of stranded carbon credits with no buyers in sight, the CDM has started to flirt with the idea of accessing climate finance through the Green Climate Fund to pay for emission reductions delivered by CDM projects without using the offset credits. However, the criteria of the adopted GCF accreditation framework suggest that the CDM in its current form seems out of the climate finance game.

Expectations for COP20 in Lima

Success at the upcoming COP20 in Lima to establish the groundwork for a future climate treaty will largely depend on the willingness of rich nations to live up to their promises of delivering climate finance. With tangible commitments on climate action only expected throughout 2015, the challenge in Lima will be to establish necessary rules without having certainty of the level of ambition countries are prepared to make.

Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets #10 October 2014

Editorial Dear friends, This WatchThis! edition takes a critical look at the upcoming climate change conference in Peru: Plates of negotiators will hopefully not only be filled with delicious Ceviche but also with a healthy portion of climate finance that will be crucial for a constructive dialogue to agree on rules needed to lay the …