An ‘exclusion list’ for the Green Climate Fund (WT)

More than 150 environmental and social justice organizations have urged the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to adopt an “exclusion list” as part of its policies to ensure that environmental, social, gender and financial safeguards and protection – are taken up as a practice by several international development and financial institutions. In the run-up to the last GCF Board meeting that took place in Songdo, Republic of Korea, on the 18-21 May, the call for a GCF exclusion list got wider and louder.

A journey around CDM projects in India (WT)

In February 2014, I went to India to collect research on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in India and their sustainable development benefits. During my 3 month stay, I had the pleasure to work together with Indian organizations and activists and found that a well-organized network, strong collaborations and awareness raising are the most important indicators for successful civil society work.

Have carbon credits benefited small and marginal farmers? (WT)

Revisiting villages where JK Paper mill is supposedly implementing its Afforestation and Reforestation CDM project has reinforced my belief that such projects are utter failures, at least for the people who are supposed to be beneficiaries; and for the cause of ‘climate mitigation’ for which these are designed. In October 2010, when we visited the …