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More work needed to make aviation’s climate tool fit for purpose

Climate action is multiplying outside of the UN climate talks (UNFCCC), from the Kigali Agreement on the highly potent greenhouse gas HFCs to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) agreeing to offset emissions from international aviation. Nevertheless, they all have connections to the UNFCCC where the bulk of the world’s effort against climate change is managed. […] more »

Still no closure for UN offsetting scheme review

At the COP 22 climate conference in Marrakesh, countries continued debating the review of the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which will serve as a model for the newly established Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM). Parties generally shied away from controversial topics, such as demands to establish a grievance mechanism. In order for the CDM review […] more »

¿Formarán parte los mercados de carbono de la solución para el cambio climático?

Los activistas por el clima que buscaban algo de progreso en las negociaciones de Marrakech salen defraudados de las negociaciones. La elección de Donald Trump como presidente de los EE. UU. poco después del inicio de la reunión tiñó de gris las conversaciones que solo se iluminaron un poco cuando los países más vulnerables se comprometieron […] more »

Carbon markets under the Paris Agreement – how to guarantee effective climate action?

The Paris climate change agreement paves the way for next generation carbon trading. It is nevertheless essential that any new market based climate tool fosters higher ambition, ensures environmental integrity, contributes to sustainable development and upholds human rights. more »

New report underlines the risks for Europe’s bloated carbon market

According to a European Environment’s Agency (EEA) report published this week the oversupply of carbon permits in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) remains ‘substantial’. At a time when lawmakers are discussing how to get Europe’s flagship climate policy back on track, this report comes as an urgent warning to those trying to save the EU’s failing carbon market. more »

NGOs tell environment ministers to beef up effort sharing ambition

On Monday 17 October, the EU environment ministers’ will discuss for the first time the national 2030 climate targets for the transport, agriculture, waste and buildings sectors. Ahead of the meeting, a group of 29 organisations urges ministers to close loopholes in the climate law that will determine how the Paris Agreement is put into action in Europe. more »

Civil society urges lawmakers to end coal subsidies from the EU’s carbon market

Ahead of a committee vote at the European Parliament on the revision of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), four civil society networks and 22 organisations across Europe call on committee members to stop coal subsidies and take measures to ensure meaningful carbon price. more »

Can a robust aviation climate deal take off?

In its Assembly from 27 September to 7 October, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is expected to agree on an offsetting scheme to address the sector’s ever growing greenhouse gas emissions. Several improvements are needed before the Global Market Based Measure (GMBM) can even be called an acceptable first step to curb emissions from aviation. […] more »

Barro Blanco: communities flooded despite rejected agreement – NGOs ask for withdrawal of CDM’s registration

On September 17, Ngäbe people rejected an agreement between top representatives and the government, signed only a month before. In the meantime, the test filling of the reservoir resumed which has flooded affected communities. Carbon Market Watch along with 80 other local and international NGOs, have called on the Panamanian authorities to withdraw the Barro […] more »

Effort sharing on the agenda

The EU Member States and the European Parliament have begun to work on a major piece of EU climate legislation that covers 60% of the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Market Watch has analysed the Commission’s proposal and suggests ways to improve it. more »