Carbon Market Watch

For fair and effective climate protection.


The CDM Watch Network is a free platform set up to strengthen the voice of civil society in the CDM. Already a thriving international community, the Network connects over 300 organisations located all over the world. The Network empowers NGOs, activists and grassroots movements by offering capacity building, assistance with project campaigns, advocacy, and information about CDM project decisions. Join us here!

The CDM Watch Network provides

  • Its very own communication channels, including mailing lists in both English and Spanish (you can subscribe to both!)
  • Assistance with project campaigns, advocacy and communication on individual CDM project decisions and policy developments
  • Facilitation of communication between the NGO community, the CDM Executive Board and other stakeholders
  • Opportunities for cooperation and information-sharing by the NGO community about CDM projects.

How to join the CDM Watch Network

Membership is free and open to all non-profit civil society organisations. Organisations must be formally independent of governments and commercial organisations and be active in the fields of climate change, environmental protection, social rights or related areas. We especially invite NGOs, activists and local movements from CDM host countries to join the Network!

Join by filling out the online registration form at


The opinions and positions of CDM Watch do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the CDM Watch Network and its member organisations.