Carbon Market Watch

Scrutinising carbon markets & advocating fair, effective climate protection


Carbon Market Watch

Carbon Market Watch was launched in November 2012 to expand the work of CDM Watch to areas beyond the CDM. We have successfully advocated for major policy changes at the UN and EU level; facilitate stronger civil society participation, and uncovered unprecedented scandals in international offsetting schemes.

Paris COPInternational Climate Policy

In less than one year, the world’s countries are expected to flesh out an agreement to address climate change and advert dangerous global warming. UN negotiators will meet for the first time in 2015 in Geneva with the goal to deliver a final negotiating text to form the basis for such a deal.  Read more here

EU with flagsEuropean Climate Policy

On Tuesday 24 February, Members of the European Parliament will cast a crucial vote on the future of Europe’s flagship climate instrument, the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Read more here

airplane_van1Reducing Aviation Emissions

Carbon Market Watch is a member of the International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation (ICSA)  Our work centers around the market mechanism that the aviation sector is currently debating.  Read more here

CHINA-ECONOMYFighting Harmful CDM Projects

The Santa Rita hydro dam in Guatemala was registered despite violations of community consultation rights which are at the heart of the Guatemalan Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples. More information, here.

Network map capture_globalOur Network

The Carbon Market Watch Network connects NGOs and academics from the global North and South to share information and concerns about carbon market developments. Join here