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  • Media Statement: EU ETS review proposal earmarks €160 billion for Europe’s largest polluters
    15 July 2015, Brussels. Today’s publication of the EU Emissions Trading System review proposes to increase pollution subsidies to industry to at least €160 billion after 2020. Carbon Market Watch strongly criticizes the proposal for watering down already weak provisions in the EU ETS directive and ignoring the polluters-pay principle.… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-07-15
  • NEWS: New loopholes disguised as flexibilities threaten reduction efforts in non-ETS sectors
    In June, Carbon Market Watch presented new analysis on how (not) to reduce the costs of tackling sixty percent of EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, covered by the Effort Sharing Decision (ESD). The report finds that a wrong design could significantly undermine reduction efforts in the transport, agriculture, buildings and waste… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-07-01
  • NEWS: China and others announces INDCs more Parties must follow suit
    China has announced its Intended Nationally-Determined Contribution (INDC) to the global climate effort, meaning that the three largest emitters – the US, EU and China – have now put their opening bids on the table in advance of the Paris climate talks in December. While it is good that more… ... read more
    Source: CMW-IntPublished on 2015-07-01
  • NEWS: Human Rights in the Climate Negotiations: 3 questions asked but much left unanswered – #SB42
    During the first half of June, climate negotiators converged in Bonn for two intense weeks of negotiations. With only 6 months left before the Paris COP-21 Conference, negotiations towards the 2015 climate agreement constituted the most important work on-going during this session. But many other key aspects of international climate… ... read more
    Source: CMW-IntPublished on 2015-07-01
  • NEWS: Growing expectations on EU ministers to promote aviation mitigation
    The inclusion of international flights into the EU’s carbon market was one factor that created momentum for a global, rather than regional, measure to address aviation emissions. Recognizing Europe’s potential importance in the ongoing negotiations towards a global market based measure, open letters from fifteen NGOs across Europe were sent… ... read more
    Source: CMW-AviPublished on 2015-05-04