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  • Policy Brief: Social and environmental accountability of climate finance instruments
    Executive Summary Climate change is a global injustice to present and future generations, and one of the greatest human rights challenges of our time. For one, climate change has a significant effect on several human rights, such as the right to safe and adequate water and food, the right to… ... read more
    Source: CMW-IntPublished on 2015-09-01
  • NEWS: China and others announce INDCs more Parties must follow suit
    China has announced its Intended Nationally-Determined Contribution (INDC) to the global climate effort, meaning that the three largest emitters – the US, EU and China – have now put their opening bids on the table in advance of the Paris climate talks in December. While it is good that more… ... read more
    Source: CMW-IntPublished on 2015-07-01
  • NEWS: Human Rights in the Climate Negotiations: 3 questions asked but much left unanswered – #SB42
    During the first half of June, climate negotiators converged in Bonn for two intense weeks of negotiations. With only 6 months left before the Paris COP-21 Conference, negotiations towards the 2015 climate agreement constituted the most important work on-going during this session. But many other key aspects of international climate… ... read more
    Source: CMW-IntPublished on 2015-07-01
  • NEWS: Growing expectations on EU ministers to promote aviation mitigation
    The inclusion of international flights into the EU’s carbon market was one factor that created momentum for a global, rather than regional, measure to address aviation emissions. Recognizing Europe’s potential importance in the ongoing negotiations towards a global market based measure, open letters from fifteen NGOs across Europe were sent… ... read more
    Source: CMW-AviPublished on 2015-05-04