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EU carbon market reform deal: Taking stock and moving forward

Last week (Feb 15) the European Parliament adopted its position on the revision of the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS) for the 2021-2030 period. Next week, EU environment ministers will try to reach an agreement on the reform deal. Time to take a fresh look at what is on the table, and what is at stake.

Open letter to UN Special Rapporteurs: request to carry an on-site visit to assess situation regarding Barro Blanco

We, the undersigned organisations, want to draw your attention on the worrying situation faced by the local communities affected by the Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam located in the Ngäbe-Bugle Comarca (autonomous territory), in Western Panama, and kindly ask you to carry out an on-site visit in order to meet with the communities and assess their situation.


When Will Europe Act? How the aviation sector can reduce emissions through the EU ETS

Wednesday 8 March, 2017, 13.00-15.00  European Parliament, Room JAN 2Q2

The event will analyse the Commission’s proposal, explain what is at stake if Europe doesn’t address the rapidly growing emissions from aviation, and how to achieve adequate ambition in the sector.  Register here

Civil Society Workshop – The road to a low carbon economy: strengthening the connection between local, national and European climate policy

This workshop (Madrid, 5-6 April 2017) aims to build the civil society’s understanding and capacity on the EU’s key climate policy tools. This event will also encourage participants to reflect on how the connection between local and European campaigns can provide momentum for more ambitious climate action. Register here


cm_in_pa_screenshotPolicy Brief: Carbon Markets in the Post Paris World

This briefing provides a starting point to interpret what Cooperative Approaches and the Sustainable Development Mechanism are, how they differ, and where the pitfalls lie in moving forward.



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