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  • NEWS: EU carbon market fix agreed
    This week, European policymakers have provisionally agreed on a fix for the EU’s carbon market that is suffering from an oversupply of pollution permits and yielding record-low prices. While this is a great step forward, a permanent solution to tackle the glut of pollution permits is needed as part of… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-05-07
  • NEWS: Lessons learnt from EU’s carbon offset rules
    This week, the European Commission released new data on the number and origin of carbon offsets used in 2014 by companies in the EU’s carbon market. Despite new eligibility criteria to incentivize investments in poor countries, the majority of offsets come from China, Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, lack of transparency… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-05-06
  • NEWS: Growing expectations on EU ministers to promote aviation mitigation
    The inclusion of international flights into the EU’s carbon market was one factor that created momentum for a global, rather than regional, measure to address aviation emissions. Recognizing Europe’s potential importance in the ongoing negotiations towards a global market based measure, open letters from fifteen NGOs across Europe were sent… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-05-04
  • WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #11: ”The Geneva Pledge: bridging the gap of knowledge between the climate negotiations and the Human Rights Council”
    During the Geneva session of climate negotiations held in February 2015, 18 countries made a joint pledge to extend the integration of human rights in the climate change regime by including human rights expertise in their climate delegations. This initiative offers an opportunity to support the inclusion of references to… ... read more
    Source: CMWPublished on 2015-04-28